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Bridget Andersonís "Ginger Blossom" Corduroy Top & Pants
Bridget Andersonís "Ginger Blossom" Corduroy Top & Pants
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Bridget says, "I love sewing with all the beautiful featherwale corduroys in the fall/winter. When these fun Michael Miller printed corduroys came in, I knew I had to use them. The fabrics speak for themselves, so they don't need a ton of details to make a cute outfit. Top is Children's Corner "Mary De" opening in the front & shortened to "top length". I removed some of the fullness from the skirt. The coordinating cotton stripe by Michael Miller is used to make a chunky tie and ruffle. The size of the ties are 10" by 2". The underneath tie is made from small pieces of spaghetti bias. I used Blue Jay corduroy for the matching Bonnie Blue Jillian pants. I cut the strip for the ruffle 4" and then folded it in half."

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Gallery, Customer Creations - Bridget Anderson 

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