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Pique Solids
Swiss Wale Pique, Birdseye Pique, Teeny Tiny Satin Pique, Waffle Pique - Solid Colors

"Tomato" Pique with a touch of Lycra, 53"
Sku #: Piq#1-F-StretchWale-Tomato
Great for pants and a little more comfort with this 'Tomato' red pique that has a touch of lycra giving it a little stretch.

Price: $11.98 per yard

100% Cotton - 58", Luxury Cotton Shirting, White Basketweave (L-3)
Sku #: BB#12-Heir#4-F-Sol-32519-6

100% cotton - 58" wide, luxury cotton shirting: lightweight pique with a basket weave, slight sheen in the weave. Very pretty and perfect for a ladies blouse.

Price: $14.98 per yard

Only 3 Left


100% Cotton - 63" Wide Luxury Cotton Shirting, White w/Circles
Sku #: Heir#4-F-Sol-9816-3
100% cotton - 63" wide, Luxury Cotton shirting: Beautiful white on white subtly textured soft waffle pique type weave with 3/4" "circles" of non-waffle (smooth) finish every 5/8". This fabric feels wonderful! Click for close-up view.

Price: $14.98 per yard

100% Cotton Graph Pique, 45" Wide, 'Arctic Blue'
Sku #: Piq#1-D-ArcticBlue
Gorgeous 'Arctic Blue' pique! 100% cotton, 50" wide!

Price: $11.98 per yard

100% Cotton Graph Pique, 45" Wide, White, Soft
Sku #: Piq-Graph-227-1
Exquisite 100% luxury cotton graph pique, 45" wide, white (less than 1/16" repeat). Gorgeous quality - ideal for baby garments. Click for close-up view.

Price: $14.98 per yard

100% Cotton, 54", Matlasse', Ivory (L-59)
Sku #: Ran#6-D-81319-Matlasse

Exquisite 100% luxury cotton Matlasse', 54" wide, ivory. Gorgeous quality - ideal for a dressy jacket, dress and/or blouse. Click for close-up view.

Price: $16.98 per yard

Only 59 Left


100% Luxury Cotton Shirting - 56" Wide, White w/Blue Woven Design (L-22)
Sku #: Lux2#F-Sol-12119-1

Beautiful, 100% luxury cotton shirting - 56" wide. White with woven royal blue design, lighweight. The "correct" side of the fabric is the more subtle blue design but we actually like the "wrong" side as well!

Price: $14.98 per yard

Only 22 Left


100% Luxury Cotton Shirting, "Cherry Drops", 60" wide
Sku #: Lux#2-E-Sol-CherryDrops
100% Luxury Cotton Shirting! 60" wide. "Cherry Drops". This fabric has a very interesting weave - like a cross between a pique and oxford. You can see the cherry within the blue! Click for close-up.

Price: $14.50 per yard

29", 100% Cotton, Princess Bullseye Pique, Lavender (L-6)
Sku #: Piq#2-E-LavenderPrincess
29" wide, 100% cotton princess bullseye pique, lavender. Great for jackets, little skirts, dresses, etc. Nice quality. Click for close-up view.

Price: $6.98 per yard

Only 6 Left

3 Yard Bundle, 57" Wide, 100% Luxury Cotton Shirting, Pink (L-10)
Sku #: FB#55-101599-Pink

57" wide, shirting weight, 100% luxury cotton pique, pink! Very pretty! Click for close-up view.

Price: $24.00 per bundle

Only 10 Left


3 Yard Bundle, 59" - 100% Cotton, Red (L-1)
Sku #: FB#23-9619-Red

3 yard bundle- 59", woven, two colors- red and white, luxury cotton shirting, similar to pique!

Our Price:
$43.50 $18.00 per bundle

Only 1 Left


30" 100% Cotton, Fat Quarter of Princess Bullseye Pique, White
Sku #: FQB#2-SV-Princess Bullseye-Fat Quarter
Fat Quarter,18" X 30" wide, 100% cotton princess bullseye pique, white. Great for collars, pockets, etc. Nice quality. Recently used to make a jacket in the Gail Doane class. Click for close-up view.

Price: $7.00 per fat quarter

44" Denim Pique, 100% Cotton
Sku #: Piq#2-F-SC-DenimPique
44"wide, 100% cotton, Denim with a chambray look. Very Soft and drapey. Click for close up view!

Price: $11.55 per yard

45", 100% Cotton, Birdseye Pique Ovals, Hot Pink (L-17)
Sku #: Piq#2-F-HotPink
100% cotton, 45" wide, beautiful birdseye pique, ovals, hot pink. Click for close up view!

Our Price:
$19.98 $10.98 per yard

Only 17 Left

54" Birdseye Pique, 100% Cotton, Bluebird Blue
Sku #: Piq#2-D-BE-Bluebird
54" wide, 100% cotton Birdseye pique, very high quality. Color shown: Bluebird Blue. Click for close-up view

Price: $19.98 per yard
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