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Gallery, Connie Palmer
Beautiful garments created by Connie Palmer!

Connie's Beautiful High Yoke Dress using Blue Gingham & Gorgeous Laces!
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Sku #: ConniePalmer-MG-HighYoke
Connie Palmer's beautiful high yoke dress with gorgeous insertions, edgings, wonderful techniques and more! Simple Gingham print made up into a stunning dress! Click for close-up view.

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FMJ - "Elizabeth" by Frances Messina Jones, Modeled!
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Sku #: FMJ-Elizabeth
Modeled by Sarah - sewn by Connie! Elizabeth is a smocked tank top that buttons up the front. The waist is smocked with a few rows of smocking. Straps can be made from fabric, lace or ribbons. Chest measurements: XS 28"-30" to XL 40"-42". Great tops for that young adult or teen who want that updated smocked look. Click for close-up view.

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KIT-"Addie Rose" - Beautiful Bishop using Children's Corner Bishop Pattern (L-3)
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Sku #: KB#13-Addie Rose

KIT- "Addie Rose" is a beautiful Bishop dress kit by Connie Palmer using Children's Corner Pattern 'Bishop'. Gorgeous Swiss Batiste with Soft Pink Embroidered dots. Perfect Easter dress for your darling girl! Click for more info.

Price: $173.00 per kit

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Red Corduroy Christmas Tree Dress
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Sku #: Gall/SpConnie2
Connie Palmer created this adorable A-Line dress (Children's Corner "Lucy" pattern) using our T-31 green tri-color Spaghetti Bias for the Christmas Tree (brown gingham spaghetti bias makes the trunk), decorated with shiny red Christmas ornament ball buttons on red featherwale corduroy. Dress is lined in red pima gingham, and Connie made a bias ruffle to finish the hem, topped by a row of T-31 spaghetti bias! Click for close-up view.

That's Sew Connie!

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Wonderful Christmas Stockings
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Sku #: Stockings
Cute and Sassy Christmas Stockings by Connie Palmer. Made with Cotton Velveteen and Christmas Design Fabrics; also accented with cute and fabulous trims!! Click for close-up view!

Model garment - all materials available from Farmhouse Fabrics!  
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