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LED Light with Dimmer Switch, MOP Thread Winders, MOP Thread Rings, Button Loops, Soft Thimbles, Buttonhole Cutters, Fasturns, Fabric Folding Pen

Collins, Handi-Bobs
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Sku #: NW#10-85C
3ct. Plastic bob easily inserts into spool of thread to hold a bobbin with matching thread. Click for close-up view.

Price: $2.99 per item

Covered All-Purpose Shoulder Pads, 1/4" - White
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Sku #: NW#9-53071-9
Covered All-Purpose Shoulder Pads by Dritz, white 1/4". Soft, natural shaping shoulder pads for blouses, tops and dresses; soft multi-layered polyfil/tricot knit cover; machine washable and dry cleanable. Click for close-up view.

Price: $4.19 per pair

Creative Grids - The Hole Thing Template, Plastic
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From Creative Grids, USA - "The Hole Thing Template". Trace perfect circles every time in sizes ranging from 1/4in. to 2 3/4in. with 8 tick marks around each circle for accurate placement. Perfect for applique, berries, flower centers, Yo Yos, button covers, and designing. Heavy template plastic will not slip. Click for close-up view

Price: $7.49 per yard

Creative Grids Non Slip Round Up Tool
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Sku #: NW#1-CGRATK1
Use the Creative Grids® Round Up tool for rounding corners on placemats, table runners and quilts. Gentle curves in two sizes are easy to bind - no need to stop and turn at each corner! Click for close-up view.

Price: $22.45 per item

Creative Notions Flexible Seam Guide
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Sku #: NW#6-CNFGSP
Recommended by Connie Palmer. Creative Notions Flexible Seam Guide with a 1/4in Foot is a quilter's dream tool. Achieve perfect 1/4in seams with ease. The Flexible Seam Guide is great for sewing other items and works with an array of feet, too. Simply move the guide to whatever seam width you need and you can easily achieve precise stitches. Place the guide on the bed of the machine for accurate 1/4in seams. Special adhesive holds in place. 1/4in thick, 2in wide x 8in long. Click for close-up view.

Price: $25.78 per item

Cut Rite Bind Up Tool
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Sku #: NW#5-QP80010
The fast and easy way to finish your binding with perfect mitered seams every time. No measuring required. Works on all binding strip widths. The fluorescent green color makes lines clear & easily seen on all fabrics. Click for close-up view.

Price: $9.95 per item

Darling Wooden Spool, 2 3/4" High
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Sku #: NW#1-WoodenSpools
Darling wooden spools! 2 3/4" high.(Trims NOT included.) They work so wonderfully with those gorgeous little trims that you need to display for that perfect outfit! Not to mention would be a great gift for a friend (or for yourself =)

Price: $3.00 per 2 spools

Deluxe Seam Ripper by Dritz #638
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Sku #: NW#7-638
Deluxe seam ripper by Dritz. Long lasting Heavy Duty blade. Safety ball protects fabric. Click for close-up view.

Price: $2.99 per package

Design Wall Pin Cushion, Heart Shaped, Colors May Vary (L-5)
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Sku #: NW#7-4521Q
Design Wall Pin Cushion by Prym Quilting. Heart shaped. Colors may vary! Click for close-up view.

Price: $7.00 per pincushion

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Dritz - Button Gauge & Point Turner
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Sku #: NW#10-Dritz633
Dritz - Button Gauge & Point Turner: For making thread shanks; for turning points. Click for close-up view.

Price: $1.99 per item

Dritz - Point Turner & Seam Creaser
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Sku #: NW#10-Dritz636
Dritz - Point Turner & Seam Creaser: Turns points, creases seams or removes basting stitches. Click for close-up view.

Price: $3.59 per item

Dritz Featherlite Boning, 2 Yard Package (L-4)
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Sku #: NW#7-565-9
Featherlite Boning by Dritz. 1/4" boning with 1/2" poly/cotton casting, 2 yards per package.

Price: $4.95 per item

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Dritz Fray Check- 3/4 oz. Bottle
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Sku #: NW#4-674
Put an end to fraying with this colorless liquid-plastic solution. Withstands dry cleaning and machine washing. Click for close-up view.

Price: $4.29 per item

Dritz Fray Check w/Fabric Guide Applicator Tip
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Sku #: NW#4-399
Fray Check and Fabric Guide Applicator Tip. Screw-on applicator holds fabric so edges pass between the guides, allowing you to quickly and easily apply Fray Check to the fabrics edge. 3/4 fluid ounce bottle. Click for close-up view.

Price: $5.79 per item

Dritz Serrated Tracing Wheel
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Sku #: NW#10-745-wheel
Dritz Serrated Tracing Wheel for marking multiple layers & bulky fabrics. Transfers pattern markings to fabric. Makes dotted markings. Click for close-up view.

Price: $1.69 per package
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