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Scissors & Cutting Accessories
Scissors, Snips, Rotary Cutters

Rotary Cutter and Blade Case For 18mm/28mm
Sku #: NW#4-7531CV
Rotary Cutter and Blade Case For 18mm/28mm; empty case. Click for close-up view.

Price: $9.50 per item

Rotary Cutter and Blade Case For 45mm
Sku #: NW#4-7532CV
Rotary Cutter and Blade Case For 45mm; empty case. Click for close-up view.

Price: $10.50 per item

Rotary Cutter and Blade Case For 60mm
Sku #: NW#4-7533CV
Rotary Cutter and Blade Case For 60mm; empty case. Click for close-up view.

Price: $11.50 per item

Rotary Cutter Cradle
Sku #: NW#1-7534
Rotary Cutter Craddle holds 3 rotary cutters. Your rotary cutter will be ready when you are, no more searching under fabric. Cradle ONLY! Click for close-up view.

Price: $9.95 per item

Sew EZ Fingerthing, Purple
Sku #: NW#4-SewEZ
The Sew EZ Fingerthing replaces the stiletto and straight pins used in quilting and sewing. You can keep it on your finger the entire time you're working to hold down tiny edges and pressing material through your sewing machine or while ironing. Wear it on your middle or index finger on either hand. It is made of anodized aluminum for sturdiness and can be easily molded to your finger size. You will save time and frustration with one of these in your sewing kit. Click for close-up view.

Price: $11.95 per item

Sidehopper Jump-Stitch Scissors
Sku #: NW#2A-Sidehopper
Sidehopper Jump-Stitch Scissors, Stainless Steel Sidehopper. Extra-fine precise cutting; cuts smallest stitches; no finger holes; wing cut design. Connie Palmer LOVES these little snips! She said they will remove the tiniest zig-zag stitches. Click for close-up view.

Price: $18.50 per item

Spring-Action Locking Scissor
Sku #: NW#2A-VP7
Ergonomic cushion grip shear. Great for rag quilting. The cutting blade is 2-1/4in long. Recommended by Connie Palmer. Click for close-up view.

Price: $47.22 per item

Squeeze Lace & Applique Snips by Havels
Sku #: NW#2A-C33013
"New" Squeeze Lace & Applique Snips. Curved ends prevent snagging bottom layer of fabric or lace while cutting. A must for delicate work. Easy squeeze action ideal for tired or arthritic hands. Perfect for right or left hands. 4 3/4". Click for close-up view.

Price: $20.29 per item

Stork Scissors
Sku #: 4472

We also carry Stork Scissors, with gold plated handles, 3 1/2".

Price: $14.95 

Tailor Mate 2 Way Seam Ripper (9-1-17)
Sku #: NW#1- 21501
Tailor Mate 2 Way Seam Ripper, 2 retractable seam rippers (large and small). No more lost seam ripper caps. Click for close-up view.

Price: $9.99 per item

Vintage Textile Soak, 10 oz
Sku #: NW#6-VTS-10oz
Got Spots? on your antique quilts, linens, christening gowns...Use Vintage Textile Soak to give them a second life! Removes yellowing and/or brown spots on quilts, quilt tops, christening gowns, and antique linens caused by years of contact with the oils in wood after being stored in cedar chests, linen closets, or dresser drawers. 10 ounce bag. Click for close-up view.

Price: $10.99 per item
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