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Machine Embroidery Supplies

Bohin Embroidery Scissors, 3", Blunt Tips (L-7)
Sku #: NW#2A-24314
3" Embroidery scissors by Bohin, Made in France. These nice scissors have two blunt tips, which makes them excellent for trimming safely behind French laces in heirloom sewing. Click for close-up view.

Price: $24.40 per item

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Clover Patchwork Scissors (Small), Serrated Blades, 5 1/2" (7 Available)
Sku #: NW#2A-493
5 1/2", Materials can be cut exactly on the line with the thinly serrated blade. Will not slip while easily cutting muliple layers of fabrics. Click for close-up view.

Price: $23.00 per item

In Stock (7)

Cute & Stylish Embroidery Scissors w/ Very Sharp Points, 2 designs available
Sku #: B4814
Pink and Blue Only. Cute and stylish embroidery scissors with very sharp points. These scissors are designed specifically for sewing, embroidery, and other needlework. Click for close-up view!

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Price: $4.50 per item


Gingher, 4" Embroidery Scissors, Designer Series "Sawyer" (1 Available)
Sku #: NW#2A-220272-1011
Gingher 4in embroidery scissors. Designer series, "Sawyer". Click for close-up view.

Price: $39.99 per item

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Gingher, 5" Sewing Scissors, Designer Series "Sawyer".(4 Available)
Sku #: NW#2A-220282-1006
Gingher 5" sewing scissors. Designer series, "Sawyer". Click for close-up view.

Price: $44.99 per item

Gingher, 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker Scissors, Designer Series "Sawyer" (L-1) (10-27-17)
Sku #: NW#2A-220522-1010
Gingher 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker scissors. Designer series, "Sawyer", right handed. Click for close-up view.

Price: $59.99 per item

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Heat N Bond Lite, 17" Wide
Sku #: 3521-Heatnbond
Heat N Bond Lite is a paper backed, iron-on, sewable, double-sided adhesive for bonding fabric without extra weight or stiffness. Click for close-up view and more detailed information.

Price: $2.18 per yard

OESD, Aquamesh 1.2oz. 20"x10yd (4 Available)
Sku #: HBWAM-20
An opaque mesh water soluble stabilizer, for use when sewing on sheer, lightweight fabrics such as batiste, when all traces of the stabilizer must be removed from the fabric - perfect for stand-alone lace. Washes away easily with lukewarm water. Does not tend to dry out or absorb moisture. 20" wide x 10 yds long Click for close-up view

Price: $31.95 per 10 yard package

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OESD, Fusible Tear-Away 15" x 10yd (8 Available)
Sku #: HBF20-15
Iron-on Stabilizer. Use with woven fabrics. Great for paper-pieced quilt blocks. Removes cleanly and easily. Click for close-up view

Price: $25.19 per 10 yard package

In Stock (8)

Sulky KK2000, Temporary Spray Adhesive
Sku #: NW#6-Sulky-KK2000
KK2000 temporarily bonds fabrics to appliques, batting, stabilizers, and even to patterns and templates. Great for machine embroidery. Click for close-up view.

Price: $15.99 per can

Sulky, Totally Stable, 12" X 12’, White, Stabilizer (4-28-17)
Sku #: NW#6-661-12
Totally Stable by Sulky. Iron-On, Tear-Away Stabilizer. 12" X 12' package. Click for close-up view and more detailed information.

Price: $17.64 per package

Sullivans Fabric Stabilizer, 14.5 oz
Sku #: NW#6-FabStab-120
Sullivans Fabric Stabilizer will stop fabric from fraying till washed out. Proudly made in the USA. Click for additional information.

Price: $12.65 per can