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Bridal Fabrics & Accessories, NY Designer
Taffeta, Bridal Lace Fabric, Organza, Bridal Faille

"Risky Red" with a Matte Finished Satin Backing, 60" (14 Yds. Available)
Sku #: Bride-E-S#30-RiskyRed-SatinBacked
Very Beautiful 'Risky Red' with a matte finished satin backing! Great Drape! 60" wide. Used by NY formalwear designer. Click for close-up view

Price: $10.00 per yard

In Stock (14)

'Blue Haze', Silk Organdy with Satin Finish, 55" Silk
Sku #: Bride-E-BlueHazeSilkOrgandy
Beautiful "Blue Haze" 55" Silk Organdy with Satin Finish! Gorgeous!!! This is an exquisite Japanese made fabric.

Price: $18.98 per yard

'Fresh Snow' Organza with Satin Finish, 60", Polyester
Sku #: Bride-E-Organza-Fresh Snow
Beautiful "Fresh Snow" polyester organza, sheer with satin finish, 60" wide. Used by NY formalwear designer. This is an exquisite Japanese made fabric.

Price: $10.00 per yard

100% Silk, Satin Finished Organza, 'Smokey Grey'
Sku #: Bride-C-SatinSilkOganza
Gorgeous, Gorgeous fabric that is a first of its kind to Farmhouse Fabrics!!! This is a 100% silk, satin-finished organza! The color is a beautiful and rich 'Smokey Grey'. Regular price: $27.98

Price: $16.98 per yard

11" Red Russian Veiling with Chenille Dots (11-26-17)
Sku #: LB#7-1126-1 Red
Red Russian Veiling with chenille dots, 11" wide. Click for close-up view

Price: $3.95 per yard

11" Wide, Black Embroidered Insertion, Organza, Buy The Piece (11-5-17)
Sku #: LB#1-1105-2 Black
11" wide embroidered black polyester organza insertion! Beautiful! Click for close-up view.

Select Length of Embroidery

Price: $0.00 per piece


3 Ply Silk Crepe, Italian, Ivory 42" Wide, Exquisite! (12-4-17)
Sku #: RW#3-4, 124-1 silk
42" wide, 3 Ply Silk Crepe, made in Italy. Haute Couture. Elegantly beautiful. Soft hand with a loose medium cone drape. Ivory. This silk is exquisite! The drape is just lovely. 97% silk/3% lycra. Love the stretch for ease in fitting! Click for close-up view.

Sale Price:
$65.00 $22.10 per yard

31", Soft White Lace Fabric, Double Scalloped Edge! (1- 3 yard piece available)
Sku #: BB#3-BridalSoftWhite-32017
3 yard piece - From a high end bridal designer! Beautiful heavily beaded, double embroidered with iridescent sequins, beads & pearls. Very, Very beautiful. Scallop border along both edges.

Sale Price:
$240.00 $120.00 per piece

In Stock (1)

38" Wide Ivory Tucked Organza, Polyester, 2 1/4 Yard Pieces (2 Pieces Available)
Sku #: BB#16-92815-3
From a high end bridal designer! 2 1/4 yard lengths x 38" wide ivory polyester organza with two sets of sewn tucks. This is beautiful! The tucks run the full length of the 2 1/2 yards (parallel to the selvage). 13" of plain organza followed by 3" of sewn tucks (1/2" tucks), followed by 4" of plain fabric, followed by another set of 6 sewn tucks, followed by 15" of plain fabric. All measurements are approximate. Click for close-up view

Price: $30.00 per piece

In Stock (2)

45" Gorgeous Satin Appliques with Raised Embellishment 'Peachy Pink' (2 Yard Piece)
Sku #: BB#13-PeachyPinkBridal
45" wide 'Peachy Pink' polyester bridal satin with embroidered cut-aways. Each cut away applique has raised cord embellishment./ Scallops are 2 3/4" wide. Largest flower measures approximately 1 1/2"- 4" across.

Price: $40.00 per Piece

In Stock (1)

45", Beaded Lace Fabric, Double Scalloped Edge, Stunning! (3 Yds. Available)
Sku #: 71-1017-1
From a high end bridal designer! Exquisite lace piece - Heavily beaded double embroidered lace fabric, scalloped border along both edges. Color is antique white. Click for close-up view

Sale Price:
$95.00 $47.50 per yard

In Stock (3)

45" Wide, Large Motif Design, Doubled Embroidered Lace Netting, Ivory with Ecru Edge (6 Yards available)
Sku #: Heir#2-E-70-DoubleEmb-Ivory/Ecru-4998
Large Floral Motif design. Ivory background with ecru raised cord around flower design created double embroidered look. 45" wide. Entire design is approximately 12" wide made up of flowers that are 2"-3". Scallop edge repeat is 7". Made in France.

Price: $20.00 per yard

In Stock (6)

54" White Tucked Organza, 1/4" Pressed Tucks
Sku #: 82615-5 Tucks
From a high end bridal designer! Permanent pressed 1/4" tucks separated by 1/4" flat, white 54" polyester organza. Tucks are across the selvage, and are pressed, but not stitched. This fabric may be used unstitched, or the tucks could be stitched and used in a bodice or sleeves. Very pretty fabric! Click for close-up view

Price: $16.95 per yard

54" Embroidered Organza, Double Edged Scallop, Yellow Rose Clusters (L-2) (8-15-17)
Sku #: BB#16-81517-2
From a high end bridal designer! 54" wide, double scalloped organza, white polyester organza background with beautiful all-over embroidery of variegated yellow rose clusters and variegated delicate outline leaves and vines. Scallops are along both selvage edges. Click for close-up view

Price: $11.98 per yard

In Stock (2)

58" Soft Lilac Embroidered Organza, Outlines of Roses! (2 7/8 Yards) (8-30-17)
Sku #: BB#16-024-Lavender
From a high end bridal designer! 58" wide, soft lilac embroidered organza with all over embroidery design of outlines of roses. Tone on tone with shiny thread embroidery. Very delicate and pretty. Click for close-up view

Price: $8.98 per yard

In Stock (2.875)
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