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Additional Sewing Tools
Includes: Vinyl Storage Bags, Ziplock Bags, Bias Tape Makers, Awls, Ribbon Weavers, Loop Turner, Double Sided Water Soluble Tape, Easy Scallop Tool, Groovin' Piping Tool, etc.

Elastic Threader 3ct 1/4in, 1/2in, 3/4in
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Sku #: NW#10-9300
For 1/4", 1/3" and 3/4" wide elastics. Used to thread elastics. drawstrings and ribbons through casings. Keeps elastic from twisting and snagging while threading. 3 threaders per package. Click for close-up view.

Price: $2.99 per item

Embroidery Hoops, Clover, 4 3/4", Cover Included
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Sku #: NW#4-8813CV
Clover 4 3/4" embroidery hoop with screw cover. The hoop has a screw cover that keeps thread from wrapping around the screw. Lightweight and easy to use. Click for close-up view.

Price: $10.50 per hoop

Embroidery Needle Threader for Smocking by Clover
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Sku #: NW#10-8611CV
The Embroidery Needle Threader for Smocking by Clover sas a unique "Flat Tip" design for easy and smooth threading even with thick threads. Click for close-up view.

Price: $9.95 per item

EZ Quilting Erasable Pencil, WHITE (L-5)
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Sku #: NW#7-Erasable
Color WHITE. Erasable Quilting Pencil- oil free lead, erase marks with attached eraser or can be washed out with cold water and milk soap. Click for close-up view.

Price: $1.25 per pencil

In Stock (5)

Fabric Folding Pen by Clover
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Sku #: NW#10-4053-CV
"Fabric Folding Pen" by Clover. Connie Palmer says this is a "magic" notion! Useful for easy folding of fashion, heirloom, quilting, applique, and home decor sewing. Click photo for more information.

Price: $16.95 per item

Fabric Folding Pen Liquid Refill
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Sku #: NW#10-4054
Fabric Folding Pen Liquid Refill. Click photo for more information.

Price: $8.50 per item

Fashion Multi Tool by Sew To Grow (2-13-20)
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Sku #: NW#2-SEWG25

Fashion Multi Tool by Sew To Grow. This tool features a french curve, seam gauge, point turner, mitering tool, hemmer and button hole placement.

Price: $19.00 per item


Fashion Straps by Prym-Dritz (L-12)
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Sku #: NW#7-56706
Fashion Straps- Super cute! Interchangeable fashion straps for bras. Ideal for wearing under tank tops and camisoles, or with strapless garments. Clear with decorative pearl hearts. 3/8". Click photo for close-up view.

Price: $1.50 per package of 2

In Stock (12)

Fastube Tiger Eye Tube Guide for Low Shank Foot
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Sku #: NW#1-FTS7
Fasturn Tiger Eye Tube Guide. Sew perfect 1/8" to 1-1/2 inch tubes. Feed fabric strip into the foots special guide; set and lock the toggle; and stitch! Make tubes quickly and easily for the Fasturn. Fits most low shank machines with screw-on feet. Sizing and stitching guide for the Fastube. Recommended by Connie Palmer as a "must have". Click for close-up view.

Price: $18.50 per item

Fasturn Fabric Tube Set, Includes 6 Tubes
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Sku #: NW#1-FT1Set
The fasturn is a hollow brass cylinder with a specially designed wire hook that makes turning fabric tubes fun & easy! Six piece set includes sizes: #1 - 1/8in, #2 - 3/16in, #3 - 1/4in, #4 - 3/8in, #5 - 1/2in and #6 - 3/4. Click for close-up view.

Price: $51.00 per set

Finger Presser
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Sku #: NW#10-C90
Finger Presser. This little tool is the perfect lightweight, portable iron! Use it to press seams in quilt blocks or small sewing projects. It is also handy for creating crisp, permanent creases in paper projects. For best results, work on a firm surface and apply gentle pressure. Click here for close up view!

Price: $3.39 per item

Flexilens Magnifier on Mini-Clip by Daylight Co (9CM) (L-10)
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Sku #: U91101
This is one of the products from the StarMag™ range. The hands-free crystal clear magnifier is ideal for seeing detail when crafting, painting or reading. It has a strong metal clamp which can be attached to tables or stitching frames, The quality 9 cm/3 ˝" lens provides a 2.25X magnification and incorporates a high 4.0X magnification inset lens. Click for close-up view.

Price: $29.99 per item

Flexilens Magnifier on Mini-Clip by Daylight Co. (11CM) (L-2)
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Sku #: UN1161D
Flexilens magnifier on mini-clip by Daylight Co. Size- 11 cm/4 1/4" Magnifier. Click for close-up view.

Price: $42.00 per item

In Stock (2)

Fork Pins by Clover-35/Pins!
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Sku #: NW#5-Fork Pins-240CV
"Fork Pins" by Clover The double pins can quickly piece and firmly hold a slippery lining material temporarily in place. The grip of the double pin is bent for ease in handling. 0.56 x 40 mm. 35 Pieces per package! Click for close-up view.

Price: $10.00 per package

French Fuse Tricot, 60", Fusible Knit Interfacing, White
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Sku #: 288ST-WHT
This lightweight interfacing is very useful to reinforce garment facing and thin delicate or stretchy fabrics. Lightweight knit interfacing with one fusible side and one soft side. 100% Polyester fusible tricot. Click for more information.

Price: $6.20 per yard
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