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NEW ITEMS WERE ADDED 1-15-18. Check this category to view the most recent listings!

44", 100% Cotton, Cotton Tale Farm, Cows on a Tan Background (L-13) (10-30-17)
Sku #: C5820-Tan
Cotton Tale Farm by Timeless Treasures, 44", 100% cotton. Sweet cow print on a tan background.

Price: $12.98 per yard

In Stock (13)

43" Silk Dupioni Plaid, 1 3/4" Repeat, Magenta, Teal, Gold (2 Yds. Available) (10-27-17)
Sku #: RW#8-1027-4-Plaid
43" wide silk dupioni plaid, very colorful. Colors include teal, magenta, and greenish gold. Click photo for close-up view.

Price: $18.98 per yard

In Stock (2)

4" Silk Twill, Cherry Red, Beautiful!! (L-3) (10-27-17)
Sku #: BB#101-1027-2 Red
54" wide, silk, cherry red. This is soft and drapes beautifully. Shown here with silk taffeta plaid. Click for close-up view.

Sale Price:
$24.00 $15.36 per yard

In Stock (3)

White Spray of Flowers & Beads w/Comb, 19" (10-27-17)
Sku #: FB#105-flower
Beautiful & delicate spray of white flowers & beads with an attached comb. Approximately 19" (stretched out). Used by a high end bridal wear manufacturer. Click for close-up view.

Sale Price:
$14.50 $3.63 per flower cluster

Pins: 300 Straight Pins, Nickel Plated Steel, 1 1/4" (10-27-17)
Sku #: NW#5-513
Sew Perfect: 300 Straight Pins, 1 1/4", 32mm, Nickel Plated Steel. Click for close-up view.

Price: $2.00 per case of 300

LB#8- Mokuba 4512, Mocha Satin w/Ruffles, 18mm (3/4") (4 1/2 Yds. Remaining) (10-27-17)
Sku #: LB#8-4512-Mocha
Mokuba, pretty little double ruffle satin ribbon, Mocha Brown, approximately 3/4". Limited quantities. Click for close-up view.

Price: $2.55 per yard

In Stock (4.5)

Elizabeth's Vintage Notions, Seam Ripper (10-27-17)
Sku #: NW#2C-4432
Seam Ripper. This uniquely elegant seam ripper is essential to any sewing basket. The antique design coordinates gracefully with the collection. Click for details.

Sale Price:
$12.00 $9.60 per package

Creative Grids, 6" X24" (L-1) (10-27-17)
Sku #: NW#6-CGRBR6
This 6 x 24 inch rectangle features black numbers printed on white squares that are easy to read and differentiate this series from our standard line. Since 1/2 inch cuts are the most frequently used, these black and white dashed lines are prominent and are visible on light AND dark fabrics.

Price: $27.99 per item

In Stock (1)

White Spray of Roses with Beads, 9" x 13" (10-27-17)
Sku #: FB#102-Rose
Beautiful & delicate spray of white roses with beads. Leaves are made from delicate lace, edged in beads. Approximately 9" x 11". Used by a high end bridal wear manufacturer. Click for close-up view.

Sale Price:
$21.00 $4.20 per flower cluster

White Spray of Lily of the Valley with Beads, 6" x 7.5" (10-27-17)
Sku #: FB#103-Lily
Beautiful & delicate spray of white lily of the valley flowers with beads. Leaves are embroidered white organza. 7.5" tall x 6" wide. Used by a high end bridal wear manufacturer. Click for close-up view.

Price: $3.00 per flower

Elizabeth's Vintage Notions, Tape Measure (10-27-17)
Sku #: NW#2C-4402
Tape Measure, antique brass. This beautiful antique reproduction tape measure features a 36" spring tape housed in a casing with an elegant fleur-de-lis design. Click for details.

Price: $15.00 per package

Elizabeth's Vintage Notions, Tracing Wheel (10-27-17)
Sku #: NW#2C-4423
Tracing Wheel, with keepsake velveteen pouch. Use this decorative tracing wheel with tracing paper to transfer pattern markings to fabric for darts, pleats, tucks, pockets and buttonholes. Click for details.

Price: $16.00 per package

Elizabeth's Vintage Notions, Needle Threader (L-5) (10-27-17)
Sku #: NW#2C-4417
Needle Threader, beautiful with keepsake velveteen pouch. Click for details.

Sale Price:
$6.00 $3.00 per package

In Stock (5)

"Doll Kit" "Jezebel's Jealousy" - Accordian Pleated Charmeuse, Gold Dupioni & Blended Chiffon with Coordinating Trims & Ribbons (L-1) (10-27-17)
Sku #: DD#3-JezebelJealousy
"Dollie Assortment". "Jezebel's Jealousy" doll kit! Click for close-up view.

Price: $28.00 per package

In Stock (1)

Gingher, 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker Scissors, Designer Series "Sawyer" (L-1) (10-27-17)
Sku #: NW#2A-220522-1010
Gingher 8" Knife Edge Dressmaker scissors. Designer series, "Sawyer", right handed. Click for close-up view.

Price: $59.99 per item

In Stock (1)
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