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Kits for boy's clothing

"Carolina Boy", Kit based on Bonnie Blue Designs 'Holly and Hunter' (2 available)
Sku #: KB#3-CarolinaBoy
"Carolina Boy" is a precious kit made from Bonnie Blue Designs pattern 'Holly and Hunter' intended to be used with the 'Hunter' variety! This kit includes: 1 yard of embroidered seersucker, 1 yard white broadcloth lining, 2 blue buttons and 7 yards of navy broadcloth piping. Pattern not included. Makes up to 6 years! Click for close-up view.

Price: $41.50 per kit

"Colton's Crabs", Kit based on Children's Corner 'Bobbie'' (1 available)
Sku #: KB#17-BobbieBoy
"Colton's Crabs" is a precious kit made from Connie Palmer's Embroidered Seersucker Outfit!

Price: $28.00 per kit

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"Crabby Johnny", Children's Corner, Johnny (1 available)
Sku #: KB#15-CrabbyJohnny
KIT "Crabby Johnny". We used Johnny #260 by Children's Corner pattern for this cute outfit. This kit includes: 3/4 yard of seersucker stripe, 3/4 yard of white pima cotton broadcloth, 3 yards broadcloth piping, 4 - 1/2" white buttons. Size: 3 mths- 3 yrs (short romper). Click for close-up view.

Price: $27.50 Per Kit

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"On The Water", Garment 2 Go (2 Available)
Sku #: G2G#5-OntheWater
Garment 2 Go. "On the Water" is a precious combination of fabrics, buttons, and trim. Click for close-up view and more detailed information.

Price: $32.00 per package

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Boy's Pocket Tee Kit- 5- 6" X 6" Assortment, Monogram Ready (5 available)
Sku #: GBB#11-PocketTeeKit-42414-Boy
Boy's Pocket Tee Kit. Add a decorative pocket to any boy's teeshirt for a fun and stylish touch! 5 fabric pieces 6" X 6" that are ready for monograming! Indluces 2- 1/2 yd coordinating trims. Click for close up view!

Price: $4.00 per assortment

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Combo Ideas: Embroidered Seersucker w/ Whales, "Little Sprouters" Smocking Plate, Pattern & Accessories
Sku #: Combo-WhaleSeersucker
Check out this wonderful combination of embroidered seersucker with whales, the "Little Spouters" smocking plate by Crosseyed Cricket, the Jon-Jon pattern from Creations by Michie, a pre-pleated insert and matching floche (#265, #347 and #809). Click for close-up photo

For display only - all materials available from Farmhouse Fabrics!  

Connie's "Banded Boy Blue", Kit based on Michie 'Banded Boy Bubble' (4 available) (11-14-16)
Sku #: KB#2-BandedBoyBlue
Connie's "Banded Boy Blue", Kit based on Michie 'Banded Boy Bubble'! Click for close up view!

Price: $33.00 per kit

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Connie's Christmas Jon-Jon Trim Package for Boys (7 available)
Sku #: NW#3-ChristmasPkg-Boy
Christmas Tree dress trim package for Connie Palmer's cute red Jon-Jon shown in Sew Beautiful includes: Tri-color green spaghetti for tree & hem of dress; Brown gingham spaghetti for tree trunk; 4 shoulder buttons; Star button; 7 Red flat Christmas tree ornament buttons. Click for close-up view

Price: $9.00 per trim kit

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KIT-"Play Date", Bonnie Blue Designs Jacob (3 available)
Sku #: KB#10-PlayDate
KIT "Play Date". We used Bonnie Blue Designs 'Jacob' #129 pattern for this fun boy kit! Short Version. This kit makes to a size 5 and includes: 1 yard Plaid Fabric, 3/8 yard tomato pique, 1 yard broadcloth lining, 4-1/2" aqua sailboat buttons and 4 yards of a coordinating broadcloth piping. Click for close-up view.

Sale Price:
$36.00 $25.20 Per Kit

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KIT: "Whooo Will Sew for Boys??" Owl Kit (2 Available)
Sku #: KB#10-OWLS
Something for the BOYS!! "Whoo, Whoo will sew for boys?" Cute brown featherwale corduroy, plaid pima cotton lining, Owl applique (Ellen McCarn), Mettler thread, 2 button options. Children's Corner "Johnny" pattern is optional. Enough fabric for lined long leg version up to size 4. Click for more photos

Sale Price:
$45.00 $33.75 per kit

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