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A Cherry on Top Bundle
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"Cherry On Top", 5 Pound Project Bundle WOOL (L-7)
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Sku #: FB#25-CherryOnTopBundle-Wool
FIVE pound assortment of exquisite, top quality wool pieces that came from a cutter of high end men's clothing! The assortment includes a variety that may include "Super 100's", Australian Merino wool, etc. Click for more details!

Price: $35.00 per bundle

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"Cherry On Top", 5 Yard Project Bundle Cotton Fabric (L-5)
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Sku #: FB#4-CherryOnTopBundle-Cotton
Beautiful array of colors with a 'Cherry On Top' with a shopping cart surprise! Try this bundle & receive 15% off your entire purchase. Reflected in checkout only! Discount is reflected in cart only! Click for more details!

Price: $20.00 per bundle

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