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"Kitty Grace" Wool Jacket from Classic Sewing Holiday 2016, Size 6 (L-3) (9-17-18)
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Sku #: KB#16-GailDoane-KittyGrace-WoolJacket
Tailored 'Kitty Grace' Wool jacket kits! This beautiful jacket was created by Gail Doane and featured in Classic Sewing Holiday 2016! Pattern included with purchase of magazine. Click for kit details!

Price: $56.69 per kit

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"Winter Denim Days", Kit Made From Karen Faylor's "Girl's Coat & Muff" Pattern, Size 5-7 (1 Available)
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Sku #: KB#13-WinterDays
Kit: "Winter Denim Days" is a "European" style coat kit made from Karen Faylor's 'Girl's Coat & Muff" pattern. Click for close-up view.

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$65.00 $40.30 per kit

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