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Miscellaneous Trims
Includes: Candycane Stripe Piping; Scalloped Trim; 2-Tone Rayon Double-Loop; Pleated Fabric Ruffles

1" Cluny Lace, Periwinkle Scallop Edge, 100% Cotton
Sku #: TB#61-PeriwinkleCluny
Very Pretty 100% Cotton Periwinkle 1" Scallop Edge Cluny Lace Edging. White woven thread creates a beautiful wave throughout the lace. Click for close-up view.

Price: $1.50 per yard

"Squiggle Trim" - Lime/Aqua/Teal, 5/16" (L-10)
Sku #: RB#15-Ruban-Indones/1
Squiggle Trim - Lime/Aqua/Teal, 5/16". Very cute and fund trim for anything. Click for close-up view.

Price: $1.25 per yard

Only 10 Left

1 1/2" Gathered Bias Cut Knit Trim, 'Rainbow'
Sku #: TB#72-RainbowKnit
This is a great little gathered ruffle trim. Perfect for the bottoms of tunics or pants/capris. 1 1/2" wide makes it a great accent for little girls outfits! Colors are yellow, Bright blue, orange, pink & green 'Rainbow'.

Price: $1.00 per Yard

1" Olive Green Trim with Beaded Fringe
Sku #: TB#77-BeadedFringe
1" wide Olive lace trim with beaded fringe! Click for close-up view

Price: $1.50 per yard

1" Silk Batiste Bias, 60 Yard Roll, Cheery Pink (L-25)
Sku #: WR#42-SilkBias-12419
Beautiful 1" silk batiste bias in Cheery Pink, 60 yard roll. Use for piping, bias neck bands, bias edging! Very pretty!

Price: $30.00 per roll

Only 25 Left

1/2 Wide Absolutely Beautiful Swiss Edging
Sku #: RB#73-lcg-6.9
This gorgeous 100% cotton trim is a Swiss trim. It has a braid with a flat edge and open work, a little picot edge ends the trim. Would be very cute to edge baby blankets with! It's machine washable, and really a very, very lovely trim. Click to see a close up view!

Select Color

Price: $2.25 per yard


1/2" Cluny Lace, 'Shades of Rose', Drapey Crochet Trim (L-1 1/3)
Sku #: TB#400-ShadesofRose
This is a Dreamy, Drapey Crochet 'Shades of Rose' Trim. Approximately 3/4" wide. Very Soft and Beautiful. Click for close-up view.

Price: $1.50 per yard

Only 1.33 Left

1/2" Crochet Beading, Ivory with Ivory Beading
Sku #: TB#47-4-IvoryBeading
Very pretty 1/2" wide, Crochet Beading Edging. Ivory Crochet with Ivory Ribbon. Click for close-up view

Price: $1.50 per yard

1/2" Fancy Rick Rack, Silver Metallic in 5 yard bundles (L-15)
Sku #: TB#119-SilverRR
1/2" Fancy Rick Rack, silver metallic. Made in Japan. So fun! Click for close-up view

Price: $2.00 per 5 yards

Only 15 Left

1/2" Gorgeous French Three-Toned w/ Picot Edge
Sku #: RB#73-lcg-6.11-2
Gorgeous French picot-edge polyester ribbon. Click to see a close up view!

Select Color

Price: $1.50 per yard


1/2" Knife Pleated Trim, Black & White Cotton
Sku #: TA#17-KNPL-1023-Blk
Cute, cute knife pleated fabric trim, "chambray black and white" stripe, 1/2" wide. Click for large photo

Price: $5.00 per yard

1/2" Light Pink and Soft Pink Trim
Sku #: TB#32-PinkLacy
Very pretty and unique wavy edging on a 1/8" crocheted look band. Total Width is approximately 1/2" wide. Click for close-up view

Price: $1.50 per yard

1/2" Piping Cord, Natural, Per 5 yards (3-16-20)
Sku #: LB#196-Cording-031620
Approximate 1/2" Piping Cord in Natural. Great for upholstery! Click for close-up view

Price: $5.00 per 5 yards

1/4" Delicate Double Loop Stretch Braid by Mokuba, White with Black
Sku #: TB#11-9340-7
1/4" delicate stretch double loop braid by Mokuba. Adorable little trim with tiny taffeta ribbon loops and black dot in the center of the loops. Selling in 5 yard increments. Click for close up view.

Price: $2.50 per 5 yards

1/4" Peachy Pink Braided Trim
Sku #: TB#33-PeachyPinkBraid
Very Pretty Peachy Pink Braided Trim. 1/4" wide. Click to see a close up view!

Price: $1.00 per yard
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