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Does Anybody Want This Stuff?
This is our Rummage Sale area...You NEVER know what we may find to put in this category!! All of our "odd-ball" items will find their way here... (Items purchased from this category "may" require additional postage.)

"Stuff" - 1/2" Smokey Grey Mother of Pearl Disks, Package of 50
Sku #: J#1-Stuff-MOP Disks 1/2"
Package of 50 smokey grey mother of pearl disks, 1/2". Click for close-up view.

Price: $1.50 per 50 disks

"Stuff" - 1/2" Smokey Taupe Mother of Pearl Disks, Package of 350-400 (4 available) (2-13-17)
Sku #: J#1-Stuff-MOP Disks 1/2
Package (approx. 350-400) smokey taupe mother of pearl disks, 1/2". Click for close-up view.

Price: $3.00 per package

In Stock (4)

"Stuff" - 1/4" Grey Mother of Pearl Disks, Package of 400-425
Sku #: G#15-Stuff-MOP Disks 1/4"
Package (approx. 400-425) grey mother of pearl disks, 1/4". Click for close-up view.

Price: $2.50 per package

"Stuff" - A Lace Collar For Grandma! Vintage. (9 Available)
Sku #: CF#1-Grandma
Vintage lace collars, perfect for Grandma! Made in Great Britian, polyester lace with ruffle. Ivory. Click for close-up view.

Price: $3.00 per collar

In Stock (9)

"Stuff" - Mixed Sizes - Mother of Pearl Disks, Package of 350-400 (9 Pkgs. Available)
Sku #: J#1-Stuff-MOP Disks 1221
Package (approx. 350-400) vintage mother of pearl disks, 3/8" to 3/4", white and smoke. Click for close-up view.

Price: $4.50 per package

In Stock (9)

25+ Yards Stretch Cording! Assorted Colors (2 available)
Sku #: GBB#3-StretchCording
25+ yards of stretch elastic cording, for jackets and cargo pants & shorts! Great Value! Assortments of 25 yards. Colors vary per assortment.

Price: $3.00 per assortment

In Stock (2)

Collectable's Characters Pin - "A Happy Heart" (3 available)
Sku #: CF#4-HappyHeartPin
Going Going Gone - add a little sparkle to your day with Collectables Characters - pretty happy heart pin. Sold as is.

Price: $4.50 per item

In Stock (3)

Fun, Black Netting Collar with Flower Appliques (5 Available)
Sku #: CD#4-MB-FlowerCollar
Black netting collar with 7/8" vibrant fabric flowers.

Price: $6.50 per collar

In Stock (5)

Mother of Pearl Decal Disk, Frog & Ladybug, 1 1/2" (3 available)
Sku #: FB18-dec/FrogDisk
1 1/2" vintage mother of pearl embellished disk, hand-decorated frog with ladybug.

Price: $2.50 per disk

Vintage Mother of Pearl "Shaped" Sequin Buttons, 5/8+" (2-23-17)
Sku #: VinMOP-22317
Vintage Mother of Pearl "sequin" buttons (2 holes at top of button). These buttons are very old, not perfect as you can see, but are just right for crafts!! (Just a tiny bit larger than 5/8") Click for close-up view

Price: $0.40 per button

Zipper Assortment! 30 Zippers, Various Styles & Colors
Sku #: TB#86-Zippers
30 assorted zippers! Assorted Sizes and Colors! Great Deal! This is a minimum of $60 Value! Get them while supplies last! Variety includes regular and separating zippers! Click for close-up view!

Price: $10.00 per assortment