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Bridal Lace & Trims

Beautiful Basketweave Satin Ribbon Trim (5 yards available)
Sku #: LB#10-9865-Basketweave
Beautiful basketweave satin ribbon trim. Total trim width is 7/16" wide. Colors" Cream crochet backing mint and blue satin ribbons woven through cream backing.

Price: $4.00 per yard

In Stock (5)

1 1/4" White Austrian Cotton Venise Lace, Circles Design
Sku #: LB#7-2233
Beautiful white Austrian cotton lace edging, 1 1/4" wide. 1 1/8" circles alternate with 3/4" circles. This lace was used by a bridal and formalwear designer. Click for close up view.

Price: $3.00 per yard

1 3/4" Floral Edging, Made in Austria, Ivory with Sequin Flowers (2 1/2 Yds. Available)
Sku #: LB#7-29939
Exquisite trim used by a bridal designer. Approximately 1 3/4" wide, made in Austria. Beautiful ivory flowers with a cluster of sequins forming the flower heads. Click for close-up view

Price: $5.50 per yard

In Stock (2.5)

1/2" Metallic & Pink Sequin Braid, Made in France (4-28-17)
Sku #: LB#8-Bacus 5916
Exquisite 1/2" trim, gold metallic with serpentine trail of pink sequins. Made in France. Limited quantities. Click for close-up view

Price: $3.00 per yard

1/2" Metallic Braid, Made in France, Gold & White
Sku #: LB#7-83015-W5402
Exquisite trim used by a bridal designer. Approximately 1/2", with gold metallic threads - colors are gold and white. Made in France. Click for close-up view

Price: $3.00 per yard

1/4" Delicate Double Loop Stretch Braid by Mokuba, White with Black
Sku #: TB#11-9340-7
1/4" delicate stretch double loop braid by Mokuba. Adorable little trim with tiny taffeta ribbon loops and black dot in the center of the loops. Selling in 5 yard increments. Click for close up view.

Price: $2.50 per 5 yards

100mm Satin Ribbon by Mokuba, Seamist & Bridal White
Sku #: LB#8-1100
Beautiful Mokuba double faced satin ribbon, 100mm wide (approximately 4") in either Seamist or Bridal White. Click for close-up

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Price: $6.00 per yard


3/8" Glass Beaded Trim, Tiny Bugle Beads on Orgaza, White (10-3-17)
Sku #: LB#8-GlassBeaded103
Beautiful little 3/8" wide glass beaded trim - Rows of tiny glass bugle beads sewn to white organza. Click for close-up view.

Price: $2.00 per yard

31", Soft White Lace Fabric, Double Scalloped Edge! (1- 3 yard piece available)
Sku #: BB#3-BridalSoftWhite-32017
3 yard piece - From a high end bridal designer! Beautiful heavily beaded, double embroidered with iridescent sequins, beads & pearls. Very, Very beautiful. Scallop border along both edges.

Sale Price:
$240.00 $120.00 per piece

In Stock (1)

34" Piece, Green & White Rhinestone Flowers (1 Piece Available) (5-24-17)
Sku #: LB#10-524-2
Exquisite green and white prong set glass rhinestone flower trim. Made for a high end bridal designer in NY. This is a 34" length. Click for close-up view

Price: $10.00 per 34 inch piece

In Stock (1)

45", Beaded Lace Fabric, Double Scalloped Edge, Stunning! (3 Yds. Available)
Sku #: 71-1017-1
From a high end bridal designer! Exquisite lace piece - Heavily beaded double embroidered lace fabric, scalloped border along both edges. Color is antique white. Click for close-up view

Sale Price:
$95.00 $47.50 per yard

In Stock (3)

52" Wide, Gorgeous White Lace Fabric, Cotton-Poly Blend, Designer (17) (10-5-17)
Sku #: Heir#4-C-White105
Beautiful 52" wide white lace fabric in a cotton poly blend, European import. This is a stunning design - scalloped along one selvage edge. It is also very versatile, as it could be cut along one row of lace design to create an edging, or to shorten the fabric for a skirt or top. Click for close-up view.

Price: $28.98 per yard

58" Wide Floral Lace Fabric, Ivory, Scalloped Panels
Sku #: Ran-A-S#16-LaceFabric
Beautiful, ivory floral lace fabric, 58" wide with scalloped "panels" approximately 22" long! Very pretty design, lightweight. Sold by the panel length, but it can be used as one piece and not cut into panels! If you want to cut around the scallops, it leaves a pretty little fringe edge as a finish. Click for close-up view.

Price: $14.98 per panel

58" Wide Floral Lace Fabric by Maggy London, Eggshell, Double Scalloped Edges (8-13-17)
Sku #: Heir#4-C-MagLondon
Beautiful 58" wide Corded Floral Lace fabric from Maggy London, cotton/nylon blend, eggshell. This lace fabric has a lovely drape, double scalloped edges (selvage edges are both scalloped). Click for close-up view.

Price: $18.98 per yard

58" Wide, Soft Black Pleated Netting Fabric
Sku #: Cubby-1124-15-BlackPleatedNetting
Very Tiny accordion Pleats run across this soft, black netting fabric. The pleating is done between layers of paper in order to hold it in place. Ideal for dolls! Click for close-up view.

Price: $21.98 per yard
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