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Collins, Styling Design Ruler: French Curve, etc.
Sku #:NW#11-C832

Styling Design Ruler by Collins: The Ultimate tool for designing & altering patterns and garments. 4 Rulers in 1 - French Curve, Hip Curve, Straight Ruler (w/ 1/8in increments), and Cut-Out Slots. Clear, flexible plastics.

Use for pattern alterations, garment alterations, or anytime a curved or straight edge is needed.

*Curve between numbers 1 & 17 is often used to alter hip lines, princess lines, one-piece sleeves & hemlines.
*Curve between numbers 13 & 26 is often used to alter or mark armholes & sleeve caps & adjust necklines.
*Straight edge ruler with measurements marked off in 1/8" increments is used to alter side seams & shoulder seams, to lengthen & shorten the bodice, crotch depth & hemlines, and to place the pattern on the fabric even with the grain.
*Slot is used to guide tracing wheel when marking straight lines.

Price: $21.12 per ruler

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