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MAXI-Read Pleater, 24-Row with Half CM Spacing (L-3)
Sku #:MAXIReadPleater

Half cm spacing across the entire width of the roller (47 needles). Half-spaces can be used as guidelines when smocking and to improve holding onto difficult fabrics which bubble (no body to the fabric, pleat collapses type fabrics). The MAXI can also be used as a Regular pleater (24 needles) by removing the half-space needles (every other needle)--needle spacing is then 3/8" apart. Heavy-duty stable base-plate with anti-skid feet. Extra large side-plate opening allowing for large capacity of rolled-up fabric on the dowel. Simple, pin-type roller holding system allows for quick and easy needle access. Comfortable and user-friendly dual handles for maximum versatility. Heavy-duty solid brass rollers. Capable of handling some heavy-weight fabrics, plus most lightweight fabrics.

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Price: $395.00 per pleater

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